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About Us

Our Promise

Oransi is the high-end manufacturer of air purifiers with company headquarters located in the USA.  Oransi is known for its advanced design and automated manufacturing processes to produce the highest quality air purifiers.  Oransi has a high market reputation in the USA with sales to major commercial users, government agencies, educational institutions, medical institutions, and consumer markets.

Oransi expanded to the Chinese market in late 2013, giving the people here a clean indoor air environment and enhancing the quality of life.  Oransi was founded and is led by Peter Mann and for more than 13 years has been developing advanced air purifiers. In the 1990’s, Mr. Mann worked at two famous American Fortune 100 companies, holding senior management positions.  In seven years at Tech Data Corporation in the United States the company sales grew from $900 million to over $20 billion with his help. At Dell, he managed pricing strategy and Dell’s printer business was successfully launched with his help.

  • Interview with Oransi CEO, Peter Mann
  • Oransi expert presentation at US Embassy seminar
  • AHAM VP, Wayne Morris with Oransi CEO and GM
  • Oransi GM - Helen Wan, US Embassy - Jay Biggs, Oransi CEO - Peter Mann, US Embassy - Jiangyao Zhang
  • Children's hospital donation of Oransi air purifiers by MarineVision
  • Wangfujing department store display

Our Story

Oransi began as an engineer’s quest to find better indoor air quality for his asthmatic son. Here is Peter’s story: I first became interested in air purifiers when my son struggled with asthma as an infant and young child. As a parent, I felt helpless and often the medicine prescribed by the doctors seemed worse than him not being able to breathe. I tried most of the air purifiers on the market and was not satisfied that they were properly cleaning the air. So, for more than 13 years now we have been designing and making air purifiers to provide the cleanest air possible.  As a global company with offices in the USA , we are different in that we tailor our solutions. Our Culture At Oransi, it’s the people that make our company what it is. We hire people who are smart, hard working and determined and prefer ability over experience. As a global company we come from a variety of cultures and speak different languages. We embrace these differences and strive to maintain an open culture in which everyone contributes and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. How We Work:

  • We do things ethically
  • We treat customers, vendors and associates with respect and appreciation
  • We show up on time
  • We are curious
  • We are open in our communication and share ideas
  • We embrace and drive change

What We Believe:

  • We believe that big ideas don’t happen without hard work and an open mind
  • We believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • We believe that being different is OK
  • We believe that all work and no play never works
  • We believe that our health is most important

How We Act:

  • We are passionate and determined
  • We are not afraid of change
  • We approach things with an open mind and positive attitude
  • We pursue growth and learning
  • We encourage fun and laughter, but never at someone’s expense
  • We are humble

Air Purifier Experts

  • Work with leading scientists from the USA to give you the latest research and technology
  • Sought after to speak about China’s air quality and solutions
  • Chosen by US Embassy in Beijing to speak at China air purifier seminar about advanced air purifier technology
  • Presentations to government officials, school and hospital administrators in China

Customer Feedback

In the China market we have received very favorable product feedback such as “effective”, “useful” and “easy to use”. In the USA, customers have told us “highly recommended”, “the best purchase I every made” and “life saving”.

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