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10 Reasons Everyone Needs An Air Purifier

June 3, 2015 in


When looking to alleviate certain ailments, there are many quick cures we can use to temporarily relieve the impairment. But, for many people, that reality is now. They simply don’t realize accessible solutions like an air purifier can actually ease those issues plaguing their home or office, once and for all.

To show the range of relief our various units offer, we’ve highlighted ten key reasons most people can benefit from having an air purifier in their lives. Some of them are common airborne allergens and others are less commonplace, but they’re all detrimental to someone in your lives and can be coped with much more easily upon implementing one of our various Oransi air purifiers.


1. Allergies – Depending on the severity of the specific allergies affecting a family or family member, households are regularly buying medicines to subside their allergy symptoms, all year round. Yet, considering allergies are hereditary, most family members are affected and medicine only offers a temporary solution for those affected.
Positioning an allergy-targeting air purifier in the home will proactively hinder the symptoms before they spread throughout a household and send homeowners to the drugstore for relief.

2. Asthma – Considering millions of people suffer from the common lung inflammation known as Asthma, we’ve all probably seen family members with in-home respirators and inhalers to help alleviate their breathing problems. Yet, those medicinal treatments are expensive and wouldn’t be so heavily relied on, if a high-performance air purifier were implemented in the affected area and indoor air quality levels were regularly at their best.


3. Baby/Children – Certain kids are born with ailments like allergies and asthma, but others develop them over time. Having an air purifier in your home for preventative health measures ensures our most important family members aren’t breathing air pollutants that could affect them long term or give them consistent bouts of cold and flu.

4. Chemicals/VOCs – Better known as Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs are chemical gasses emitted from building materials, cleaning supplies, pesticides, office and adhesives. Many people inhale them regularly, without realizing the long-term breathing problems that come as a result.
Anyone who works or lives in situations where VOCs are present should strongly consider an air purifier with carbon-based filters, which can absorb the chemical pollutants much more effectively than any other air purifier models.

5. Household Dust – Everyone battles dust. We always have. However, inhabitants of areas with high humidity are regularly inundated with more unwanted dust than most, which is regularly filled with particles like pet dander, mold spores, insect parts and dust mites.
To counteract those airborne agitators and stop triggering allergic symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes, consider implementing an all-inclusive air purifier in areas where dust is prevalent.


6. MCS – Anyone who has been exposed to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity knows the chronic medical condition is commonly associated with regular exposure to plastics, pesticides, petroleum products, paint fumes and various scented or synthetic products. Typical symptoms of MCS are nausea, fatigue, dizziness and unforeseen inflammation – all of which are common problems many people wouldn’t be able to track back to any specific ailment.
Yet, anyone who lives near a high-chemical area like a gas station or major road could very well be susceptible to MCS and should consider implementing an air purifier with a carbon-based filter to subside those persistent health complications.

7. Musty Smells & Odors – Unwanted odors can arise one hundred different ways. Yet, instead of continually buying air fresheners and lighting incense which can actually worsen indoor air quality, home and business owners can implement an air purifier with an activated carbon filter to remove unwanted stenches coming from high-moisture areas and exposed sewer drains.

8. Pet Dander – No matter the season, pets like cats and dogs are either shedding their hair or losing old, dry skin throughout our homes. Then, our HVAC systems blow that pet dander throughout our homes and into our lungs. Implementing an air purifier in highly proliferated areas will capture the pet dander before entering anyone’s immune system and expediting any health problems.

9. Pollen – Considering most pollen particles are smaller than the average eye can register, many folks affected by pollen allergies and associated hay fever may not even realize the natural plant enhancement is causing their symptoms. Yet, those of us regularly experiencing sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and itchy throat during warm weather seasons might have pollen allergies. Before those unwelcome symptoms set in next year, consider adding a mid-range air purifier to your home.

10. Tobacco Smoke – Constantly around a smoker and having trouble getting them to go outside every time they want to light up? Add a carbon-based air purifier into the affected home or office and the detrimental chemicals from second-hand smoke will be filtered out of the air in no time.


Now that you’re aware of the common ailments air purifiers can provide regular relief for, let us to help find the proper Oransi unit for your own aid. All you need to know is your average room size and which air quality concerns affect you most. Then, we will help you select the ideal units for your concerns and get your air quality levels back on track.

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