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Oransi EJ Air Purifier Enter Chinese Market!

January 19, 2015 in

After more than a year in development we are pleased tolaunch our line of EJ air purifiers in China. The EJ air purifiers were made specifically for the Chinese airenvironment and are only available for purchase in China.

This is our first line of made in USA air purifiers that arepriced below 9,000RMB and are available for purchase starting today in limited quantities.

The EJ air purifiers have true HEPA filtration rated H13 hospital grade and ourproprietary GAC coconutshellcarbon which is effective for allgases in China including formaldehyde. The EJ’s are powered by a custom German made EC motor that uses up to90% less energy and is more reliable than AC motors. While the EJ air purifiers are smaller insize ( 432X254X483mm ) they have a strong air flow and are perfect for anysized room in an apartment.

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The EJ does not useionizers or any other technology that could potentially produce ozone. They are completely made in the USA toensure the highest levels of quality and safety for you and your family.

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