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Market Planning Intern

Job Descriptions

  • Conduct market research, fully understand customer needs and develop appropriate solutions
  • Develop, write, and implement promotional plans and keep track of the results
  • Develop and create information for online stores and web pages
  • Participate in designing, producing, and managing promotional and advertisement materials
  • Participate in public relations activities
  • Participate in online sales planning
  • Help promote and implement standardization of store counters; assist distributors with store counter design
  • Participate in designing and creating brochures used to promote Oransi image and products
  • Complete other tasks assigned by General Manager and other senior managers


  • Senior undergraduates, preferably majoring in marketing or related areas
  • Work at least two days
  • Characters including proactive, self-motivated, patient, and responsible
  • Ability to conduct market planning, promotion, and implementation
  • Ability to use computers and online communication software
  • Knowledge about online transactions
  • Skills in graphic design
  • Strong skills in English translation preferred


  • Comparable to interns’ compensation in similar industries

Position location: Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, No. 118 B 3 layer B008

About Us

Oransi (Beijing) International Trade Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Oransi USA, is responsible for developing and managing the Asia-Pacific market. Oransi is a US-based high-end air purifier manufacturer located in Austin, Texas. Its proprietary technology and advanced manufacturing process have helped generate high quality air purifiers and parts. With its good reputation in the US, Oransi has served a variety of customers including industrial organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, and individual consumers. We believe human resources are most valuable. If you are enthusiastic and not afraid of challenges/being challenged, Oransi will be your ideal workplace. For more information, visit our websites:;

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