The Performance You Need For Better Indoor Air

Cleans Better, Then Pays for Itself

Cleans Better.
Designed for the most sensitive, ultra effective for all.

We design and make our air purifiers in the USA specifically for the most sensitive, namely young children and seniors who suffer from asthma, PM2.5 or pollution. Our filters are also used in the most sensitive hospital operations. Our company was founded for this purpose. We know that since our air purifiers work very well for the most sensitive they will work very well for everyone.

1. We make the highest quality filters that remove the smallest, most dangerous particles. Our filters have the highest air filter ratings at up to Merv 18/H14.
2. Rated #1 in an independent study by a leading engineering university in the USA (Clemson Univ).
3. Largest filters with most filter media means you do not experience the drop in performance of other, smaller filters that become clogged more quickly.

Pays for itself.
We have been making air purifiers for 13 years and as users of our products we know that the total cost is not just in the price of the initial air purifier. It’s more expensive to make an air purifier with the best components available but we know that you will get better reliability, air cleaning performance and save money, enough to pay for the Oransi air purifier versus buying other products.

1. We use custom German EC motors that use up to 90% less energy saving you significant energy costs.
2. Our motors are more reliable and will last longer than an AC motor giving you more years of use of your air purifier.
3. Our filters have up to 40 times more filter media so they will last much longer saving you from frequent filter replacements.
4. Our Erik series can clean an entire 2 bedroom apartment, saving you on the need to buy a smaller air purifier for each room as well as frequent filter replacements costs. In addition, you will not need an air purifier in the bedroom so you get the clean air without the noise of an air purifier and use of space in your bedroom.

Erik Series Energy Savings


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