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The air environment in China is very different than that in the United States or Europe. China has small PM2.5 particulates as well as a variety of gases such as formaldehyde, ozone, combustion gases, sulfur, etc that are particularly challenging to effectively remove. In the USA and Europe, the issues are mainly related to allergies from larger sized particles like pollen, dust and mold. This means that air purifiers that are engineered for the USA/Europe regions are not equipped to remove the harmful pollutants in China in most cases.

There is no one technology that can effectively and safely remove both PM2.5 and all of the key gases. HEPA filters are best for the removal of PM2.5. HEPA air filters were developed by the US government in the 1940’s and we have taken this technology and developed several innovations to make it even better.

What makes us different than other brands with HEPA air filters is that we have higher filter ratings so they remove more of the smaller, most dangerous particles. In addition our filters are larger and have more filter media so they will last longer and sustain a very high level of performance over time.

A problem with smaller filters is that they may perform well initially but over time tend to quickly degrade in performance.

Through extensive research and development with leading scientists in the USA we have developed a filter design that allows for a large amount of filter media with a very low air flow resistance so it does not create unwanted noise or reduce the air flow.

HEPA air filters are not effective for gases as the gas particles will pass right through these filters. Activated carbon is good for many gases but any low molecular weight gas such as formaldehyde cannot be removed by activated carbon. Activated carbon is also not as effective in humid environments.

We have done extensive research in the area of gas removal and in particular the removal of formaldehyde since is it a common problem in China. Formaldehyde is commonly used in building materials and is almost always an issue after a remodel.

We have developed a proprietary treatment to our coconut shell activated carbon to make it very effective for all gases including formaldehyde in both dry and humid environments. An advantage of our solution is that since we do not require additional types of filter media that could reduce the air flow and overall performance of the air purifier.

In China the most common type of carbon is coal based carbon since there is a lot of supply however in our testing with leading scientists the coconut shell carbon performs better and is more eco-friendly.

Smog is a dangerous pollutant that is named after the combination of smoke and fog. Smog is a type of air pollution that is formed by the burning of coal, vehicle emissions, and industrial fumes that react with sunlight.

Smog creates serious health issues especially for those with sensitive respiratory systems such as children and the elderly and those with asthma. Smog can inflame breathing passages making it more difficult to breathe.

Smog has been shown to contribute to cancer, respiratory disease, certain birth defects and low birth weight.

To remove smog in an indoor environment requires the combination of a high quality HEPA filter or better and advanced gas phase filtration such as our proprietary treated GAC carbon filters. It requires a complete solution as we have described in the PM2.5 and Gases sections above.

While the goal of an air purifier is to clean your environment, the last thing it should do is introduce contaminants. Since our filters are of such high quality we do not need to use any other technology. Research has shown that many of these other technologies can introduce ozone or other pollutants into an environment.

We also manufacture our air purifiers in the USA ensuring they built to the highest quality and safety standards.

Our air purifiers have a custom EC motor that uses up to 90% less energy for a given air flow compared to our closest competitor. This not only can save you significant costs in operation, our motor is quieter and more reliable.

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