The Performance You Need For Better Indoor Air


  • Are the air purifiers safe?

    Yes, Oransi air purifiers are made in the USA and adhere to the strictest safety standards in manufacturing. In addition, we do not use any components that could potentially introduce a pollutant into your environment such as ozone.

  • Which models can remove formaldehyde?

    Formaldehyde is a dangerous gas that is commonly found in building materials and is difficult to remove. We have developed a proprietary treated GAC carbon material that is very effective for the removal of formaldehyde. The models with this technology are EJ100, EJ120, Erik350/A, Erik650/A, Erik900, ED220, ED260.

  • Which models can remove PM2.5?

    PM2.5 represents the smallest sized particulates in the air that pose the largest health issue since they can be breathed deep into our lungs. All of our models use HEPA or better rated filters and are very effective in the removal of PM2.5.

  • What are the power requirements?

    The air purifiers we sell in China were developed for the Chinese market and adhere to the safety standards as set forth for China. To be used in the China the air purifier should be 220-240V and 50Hz. Do not use any air purifier that is rated 110-120V and 60Hz as it is not safety tested for China and does not have any warranty support.

  • Can we use an Oransi air purifier from the US in 110V/60Hz?

    No, we do not sell the US market air purifiers in China. They are not safety tested for China and do not have any warranty or after sales service support in China. To use these products will require the use of a power transformer and our 110-120V/60Hz air purifiers are not designed to work well with this setup.

  • Will bacteria and viruses be released into the room when the air purifier is not running?

    No, our filters use two properties to trap and hold bacteria and viruses: mechanical filtration and charged fibers. Once the bacteria and viruses have been trapped they will not be released back into your environment.

  • Is there anything in the filter that will kill viruses?

    Viruses really can’t grow without a food source. Having said that when the filter loads a food source will be present. Research has shown that viruses can live up to 24 hours. Please note that the filter traps virtually all of the micro-organisms that pass through the filter. They will remain there until the filter is disposed of.

  • Why does the air purifier not operate when the cover is removed?

    For your safety we have a safety switch on each of our air purifiers that cuts off power to the air purifier when the cover is removed as a safety measure. This will ensure that you or your children will not be able to come into contact with the motor/fan assembly during operation. Also as an added measure the cover has to be installed correctly for power to be restored to the air purifier.

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