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Here are the most important items to look for when buying an air purifier in China. Use this tool to compare air purifiers and find the best product for you. If comparing to other brands you can print this document and fill in the information for other products.

Oransi Air Purifiers

EJ100/120 Erik300/350 Erik600/650 Product A Product B
(1) Where Made USA USA USA
(2) Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years
(3) Filter Rating H13 (MERV17) H13 (MERV17) H14 (Merv 18)
(4) Amount HEPA Filter Media (Main filter) 3.3 m2 14.3 m2 18.1 m2
Motor Quality
(5) Motor Type (AC or EC) EC EC EC
(6) CADR (m3/h) 594(A) 789 840
(7) Efficiency Rating 8.06 4.31 4.94
Price ¥7860+ ¥14480+ ¥15820+
  • Use this guide to find the most important qualities in selecting the best air purifier for you.

    (1) Where Made – Look for where the product was made not where the brand is from or where the product was designed. American made products have the strictest safety and quality standards. If not specified, most likely made in China.

    (2) Warranty

    (3) Filter Rating – A higher efficiency filter will capture more of the smaller, most dangerous particles. For best performance for PM2.5 you will want at least a H13 (MERV17) filter rating. Many brands do not publish their filter ratings and just say 99.97% which is meaningless.

    (4) Amount of HEPA filter media of the main filter – More filter media means the filter will last longer and perform better over time as smaller filters tend to become clogged more quickly and have a reduced air flow. Most brands do not publish the amount of filter media in their air purifiers.

    (5) Motor Type (AC or EC) – EC motors use up to 90% less energy and are more reliable and quieter than AC motors. EC motors cost more to manufacture however they have much lower operating costs for you. If the motor type is not specified it will be an AC motor. Almost all air purifiers use AC.

    (6) CADR – Clean Air Delivery Rate is a number that indicates the maximum amount of filtered air by the air purifier. A higher number is better.

    (7) Efficiency Rating – In China any measurement of 2 or higher is considered an A class. This is calculated by the CADR divided by the power. A higher number is better.

  • Helpful Tips

    (1) The number of levels of air filtration has nothing to do with performance and is all marketing hype.  Pay attention to the quality and quantity of HEPA filter media (#3, 4).

    (2)If a brand does not publish this information for you to easily find there is usually a reason they don’t want you to know.

  • Notes

    (A): CADR is for the EJ120

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