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Erik and EJ Air Purifiers from Oransi

March 3, 2015 in ,


The Erik Air Purifiers from Oransi are the only high end air purifiers made in the USA. These systems are of exceptional quality and a luxury product – the Erik Air Purifiers provide the same standard of air filtration as that found in hospital operating rooms in your home or office.

Oransi has made different models in their new Erik line of air purifiers. They have the ability to clean 99.99% of particulates from the air. The Erik series will clean up to 150 square meters and the smaller EJ series will cover areas from 40 to 60 square meters

The Erik has between 4 and 39 times more filter media than other air purifiers (depending on the model) but it uses 90% less energy than competing air purifiers.

With Beijing’s air pollution at an all-time high, many of the city’s residents are looking for better ways to stay healthier and live cleaner in their homes. Oransi, a Austin-based air purifier manufacturer whose products are already popular in the US, is expanding its market to China and it looks like they could be the answer to Beijingers’ prayers.

Oransi was founded by Peter Mann, whom after seeing his own son suffer from asthma since he was a child, set about trying to develop thorough, efficient, eco-friendly and money-saving air purifiers that could not only be beneficial to asthma and allergy sufferers but also to those living in poor air environments. The end results manage to do just that and have been well received, with the company and its products having been mentioned in Forbes, Bloomsberg Businessweek, China Daily and CNN Money, among many others.

Oransi – a variation of the Finnish word “Oranssi”, meaning orange – has a great range of US-made air purifiers that suit different types of air pollution, areas or rooms and allergies or other problems. The Erik 300, 350, 600, 650 and 900, which are slightly different models to those in the US, are currently available in China .

Oransi will be introducing the EJ (Erik Junior) air purifiers this season. The EJ100 and EJ120 use the same technology as the Erik air purifiers but are available in a smaller size.


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