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1. Made in USA quality, safety and latest technology

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  1. Strong steel and aluminum frame
  2. Safety – free of ozone, eco-friendly materials and safety switch

2. Superior Commercial Air Cleaning

  1. Medical grade carbon filters are rated to remove gases
  2. Pre-filter and post filter can remove PM2.5 and PM10 particles
  3. Versatile – can effectively clean small areas as well as large areas up to 60-158m2

3. Best Value

  1. EC motor uses up to 90% less energy for a given air flow compared to our closest competitors
  2. We use larger filters with more filter media so that means the filters will last 2-4 times longer saving you in filter costs

4. Custom EC Motor Advantages

EC Motor AC Motor
EC is the latest technology innovation Technology developed in the 1800’s
EC motors are DC so they are more efficient and use up to 90% less power Use more power
Runs at a lower temperature so has greater reliability Runs at higher temperatures making less reliable
Motor structure is more compact Larger motor structure
Has a proven track record in the telecom and computer industries Used more often in lower level products of common use
Does not produce a motor hum sound Can produce a motor hum noise
Use highest quality ball bearings Many use lower quality ball bearings
Made using automated machinery and balanced with the latest technology for highest quality Copper is often wound by hand making it less reliable

Summary: Best for Gases, Odors, VOC’s, Smog, Smoke, and Mold. To effectively remove gases and odors you need a lot of carbon and a large surface area such as our carbon pre-filter and large v-bank filter of carbon.


     Model Erik900
Price ¥23350
Pre-Filter Rating MERV 8 (G4)
Amount of Filter Media 1.6 m2
Gas, Chemical & Odor Filtration 6.5 kg
Post Filter Rating MERV 13 (M6)
Amount of Filter Media 0.82 m2
Filter Life Pre-filter: 8-12 months
Carbon: up to 2 years
Post filter: 12 months
GAC Filter  
Post Filter  
Max Air Flow 410 m3/h
Motor Type EC
Minimum Noise Lp(A) 19dB
Fan Speeds Variable
Housing Material Steel and Aluminum
Electronic Filter Monitoring Yes
Made In USA
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 647 x 323 x 660
Weight (kg) 33kg
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